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Williamson high school foundation inc. (


Williamson High School Mobile, AL

Our Mission

The mission of Williamson High School Foundation, Inc is to educate and advocate for the community and preserving and protecting the history of Williamson High School and the community which it serves. We take a ''whole person" approach to this goal, with a focus on improving and enriching the physical environmental, mental, and social health of our community. The specific purpose of this corporation is to: (i) educate the general public about the community development opportunities and importance of neighborhood collaboration; (ii) engage community stakeholders in collaborative and community building activities to address development issues; (iii) engage in fundraising activities to support neighborhood and merchant improvement projects within the community; (iv) develop programs that promote the preservation of communities and involve the arts, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, sustainability, and promotion of economic opportunity for its low income residents. To sponsor programs that address the needs of the community with special emphasis on programs for families, job training and projects for youth, elderly, disadvantaged persons and the community at large. 

WHS Foundation Inc


WHS Foundation Inc


WHS Foundation Inc


WHS Foundation Inc


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