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Our History

WHS Foundation High School
Williamson High School Mobile, AL seal

The Williamson High School Foundation, Incorporated was founded in September 2016 by Gregory B. Morris Sr. In 2016  there was a discussion about possibly closing several schools in our community. After many talks with other classmates, Mr. Morris decided to create the Williamson High School Foundation, Inc. It was the desire of the board to capture the history, memories, and impact of the administrative staff on the students who went on to make an impact in the world. 


We aim to educate and advocate for the community; Preserve and protect the history of Williamson High School and the community which it serves. We are currently developing programs to raise awareness of the arts, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, sustainability, and promotion of economic opportunity for its low income residents. This foundation is made up of working board members who are passionate about commemorating the legacy of Lillie B. Williamson High School.

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